Official Visitors are available during business hours from Monday to Friday. Persons wishing to speak to an Official Visitor outside of these hours should make enquiries through the institution or care facility concerned.

Alternatively, use the contact form below to leave a message for the appropriate Official Visitor.

Entitled persons 58 Kb at visitable places 61 Kb can let the staff know if they want to see an Official Visitor. Entitled persons are not required to inform staff of the reason why they wish to contact the Official Visitor.

An Official Visitor may also be contacted by calling 1800 150 036 and following the prompts. A recorded message will direct the caller to the appropriate Official Visitor. Persons calling this number may be asked to provide their name, phone number and the place they would like the Official Visitor to visit.

If you or an entitled person has a hearing disability, you can use the National Relay Service to contact our hotline and arrange a visit by the Official Visitor for the purposes of the Disability Services Act 1991.


ACT Official Visitor Scheme contact form
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